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Getting the Most Out of Your College Savings Accounts


An in-depth look at calculating college costs, determining the best account for your family, and investing the money wisely.
  1. Calculating Future College Costs
  2. Types of College Accounts
  3. Investing Wisely in Your College Account

Calculating Future College Costs

Since saving for college is both crucial and takes money away from other financial goals, it's important to know exactly how much you should be saving.

Types of College Accounts

Many parents make the critical mistake of worrying too much about what investment to purchase, and not enough time worrying about what type of account they purchase it in. Since no two families are the same, choosing the right account can make a huge difference on everything from financial aid to the amount of taxes a family pays.

Investing Wisely in Your College Account

While starting to save is the first step, the money put into college accounts must actually grow to make a difference. Choosing the right investments now will give you the flexibility to choose the college of your dreams in the future.

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