1. Money

Getting The Most from College Financial Aid

Financial Aid

With a solid understanding of the college financial aid process, it is possible to realize the dream of a college education.

    Paying for College Spotlight10

    Understanding College Financial Aid for Parents

    There are billions of dollars available in college financial aid and scholarships if you know where to look and apply for them properly.

    Parents of College Students

    What every parent needs to know about the financial aspects of sending your child to college.

    Understanding Student Loans

    Student loans don’t have to be a maze. Learn about your options and you won’t get stuck!

    Getting The Most from College Financial Aid

    Do not wait until your child graduates from college to figure out whether you've made the right financial moves

    Student Loans

    Understand the basics about student loans, learn about student loan interest rates, and understand what is involved in repaying your student loans.

    Five Tips to Lower Hidden College Costs

    Tips for lowering the hidden costs of college including medical and travel expenses.

    Four Strategies to Lower Your Tuition Bill

    Four tips on cutting down the direct costs of college tuition.

    Four Tips for Cutting College Housing Costs

    Tips on cutting down on college housing costs for parents and students trying to save money.

    4-Year College Alternative #1 - Two Years of Community College

    Many smart parents are strategically encouraging their kids to take two years of community college prior to going to the school of their choice. Here's an overview of the benefits and the finer points of convincing your student.

    Breakthrough to Nursing Scholarships for Ethnic Minorities

    Up to $5,000 for minority nursing students.

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