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Arkansas STAR - Arkansas Loan Forgiveness Program for Teachers


Program Name:

STAR Loan Forgiveness Program for Arkansas Teachers

Arkansas STAR Student Loan Forgiveness Amounts:

The Arkansas STAR student loan forgiveness program for Arkansas teachers will repay up to $6,000 in student loans per year, for up to three years ($18,000 total).

To be eligible for the full $6,000 per year, a teacher must be teaching in both a community that is experiencing a teacher shortage, as well as a subject area experiencing a shortage. If they only meet one of these criteria, they are only eligible for $3,000 in annual loan forgiveness ($9,000 total).

Eligible Teachers:

To be eligible for the Arkansas STAR program, an Arkansas teacher must:

  • Be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident alien.
  • Be an Arkansas resident for at least six months prior to applying.
  • Have graduated from a teacher education program after April 1, 2004.

Eligible Schools:

Teachers receiving loan forgiveness may have attended a school outside of Arkansas, as long as their education was part of an accredited teacher education program.

In addition, a teacher receiving loan forgiveness may not have previously utilized a STAR loan during their college years.

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