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How Exxon Mobil Gas Rewards Can Help Pay For College

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The Bottom Line

A great gas rewards program that could easily contribute $20-40 per year to your child's UPromise college account or Section 529 plan. The free Exxon Mobil gas rewards program is definitely something every parent should participate in.


  • Earn one cent for every gallon you purchase (20 gallons minimum per month).
  • Works at every Exxon Mobil gas station nationwide.
  • Works with American Express, Mastercard, Visa, Exxon Mobil credit cards, and Speedpass.
  • Works with other non-UPromise gas discounts and offers.


  • No rewards for non-gas purchases (food, services, etc.)
  • No gas rewards for diesel purchases.
  • No gas rewards on Exxon Mobil fleet and commercial accounts.


Guide Review - How Exxon Mobil Gas Rewards Can Help Pay For College

The Exxon Mobil gas rewards partnership with UPromise is a free program that every parent should participate in.

However, at just a one cent reward per gallon, parents should remember that it doesn't make sense to pay more for Exxon Mobil gas or drive around town just to earn the reward.

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