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A Guide to Investing Wisely to Meet Your Future College Costs

All the info you need to calculate your future college costs, determine the savings needed to meet those costs, and choose the best investment options to get you there. Includes in-depth examinations of Section 529 Accounts, Coverdell ESA's, UGMA / UTMA accounts, and prepaid tuition programs.
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  3. Types of College Accounts (47)
  4. Types of Investments (5)

The Top Ten College Planning Mistakes Made By Parents
A list of the top ten saving, investing, and financial aid mistakes made by parents planning for college.

Choosing the Right College Savings Account for Your Child
Choosing the right type of college savings account can be intimidating. This guide walks you through the type of savings accounts that might be right for you based on your risk tolerances, ability to save, and potential tax benefits.

Investments You Should Avoid When Saving for College
Saving and investing for college must be done carefully since there is little time to make up for mistakes. This article explores some of the most common investments to avoid when saving for someone's future education.

Risk Tolerance Survey - How Much Risk Should We Take?
Deciding what type of investments are right for your college account depends heavily on your "risk tolerance". This Risk Tolerance Survey helps you to begin thinking about what investment mix might be appropriate for you.

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