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A Guide to Alternative Sources of College Funds

Information and program details for alternative sources of college funds. Includes a review of the UPromise program, the Montgomery GI Bill, Work-Study programs, and retirement plan loans.
  1. Tuition Reward Credit Cards (1)
  2. UPromise Partner Companies (8)

UPromise and BabyMint - Save for College Every Time You Shop
The UPromise and BabyMint programs make contributions to a college savings account for your child every time you shop at thousands of retailers. The programs are free to join and can help parents accumulate thousands of dollars of savings for college costs.

Profile: The Montgomery GI Bill for Military Personnel
The Montgomery GI Bill offers a significant amount of money for college expenses (almost $40,000) in exchange for a few years of U.S. military service. This article provides an overview of the rules and benefits of the program.

Does a 401k Loan Make Sense for Paying College Tuition?
Many people's college funding plan involves a loan from their 401k. Here's an overview of the rules and risks associated with this decision.

Federal Work-Study Programs: Working Your Way Through College
The Federal Work-Study Program helps fund and secure employment for students enrolled in college, in order to help them offset their educational expenses.

Forget The Airline Miles - Earn Tuition With Your Credit Cards!
There is a new breed of credit cards available to parents which allows them to earn tuition as they shop. This article provides an overview of the top cards.

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