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News and Updates About College Costs and Savings Accounts

A guide to the constantly changing world of college costs and planning. Includes updated information on loan programs, savings accounts, college tuition rates, and scholarships.

Transcript of President Obama's Speech on SAFRA Education Legislation
Excerpt from President Obama's September 21, 2009 speech in which he discussed college costs, the need to sustain economic growth through education, and the SAFRA legislation.

Transcript - President Obama Announces Educational Opportunities for Unemployed
President Obama announces a number of new programs aimed at helping displaced and unemployed workers get educated, retrained, and find new jobs. Includes expansion of the Pell grant program.

Transcript of President Obama's Proposal to Eliminate FFEL Program
Entire transcript of President Obama proposing to eliminate the FFEL student loan program while beefing up the Direct Loan, Pell Grant, and Perkins loan programs. The transcript also contains statistics on the skyrocketing costs of college over the last few decades.

President Obama - Town Hall Meeting - Comments on College Costs
Excerpt from the March 26th, 2009 online town hall meeting in which President Obama discusses college costs and financial aid.

News and Articles About Student Loans
Index of recent stories from the New York Times about anything related to student loans.

News and Updates About Section 529 Accounts
News, updates, and headlines about the most popular type of college savings plan.

Financial Aid News and Updates
Info and updates on everything to do with the financial aid process.

Updated Scholarship Opportunities
FastWeb gives you the ability to receive new scholarship opportunities and announcements by email, at no cost.

Rankings of Colleges By Popularity, Tuition, and Other Categories
The annual "America's Best Colleges" report from U.S. News and World Report has become the benchmark for ranking colleges on a variety of criteria. Included in their rankings are some great studies of schools by cost and value.

President Obama's New Plan to Lower Student Loan Payments
President Obama and Vice President Biden's press conference on lowering student loan payments and increasing tax credits for parents and savers.

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