1. Money

A Guide to Lowering Your Annual College Expenses

Information on how to avoid paying "full price" for a college education. Includes tips for saving money on tuition, books, technology, travel, and health.

OptOutPreScreen.Com - A Quick Guide To Opting-Out of Credit Cards Offe
College students and credit cards are generally a very bad combination. College students tend to impulsively use credit cards to finance a fun lifestyle, while simultaneously being targets for identity thieves.

Money Saving Tips for College Students
An overview of money saving tips to help college students stretch their budgets.

Save Big on College Textbooks
College textbooks can be one of the largest hidden costs of a college education. Check out these links for some of the best websites and deals on textbooks.

Making Sure Your Student has the Health Coverage They Need
One medical emergency can send your college costs through the roof. Make sure you know the options when it comes to health insurance for students.

How To Avoid Buying More Computer Than Your Student Needs
It seems that a laptop or desktop has become a non-negotiable for the college experience. Find out how to buy the right kind of computer at the right price.

Saving Money on Student Airfare
College students can save significant amounts of money on their airfare and travel by planning ahead. This article outlines some of the basics on getting the lowest fare.

4-Year College Alternative #1 - Two Years of Community College
Many smart parents are strategically encouraging their kids to take two years of community college prior to going to the school of their choice. Here's an overview of the benefits and the finer points of convincing your student.

Four Tips for Cutting College Housing Costs
Tips on cutting down on college housing costs for parents and students trying to save money.

Four Strategies to Lower Your Tuition Bill
Four tips on cutting down the direct costs of college tuition.

Five Tips to Lower Hidden College Costs
Tips for lowering the hidden costs of college including medical and travel expenses.

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