1. Money

A Guide to the Costs and Benefits of a Pre-College Private Education

A helpful guide to making an informed decision about the costs and benefits of a pre-college private education. Includes information on tuition costs, effects on college acceptances / scholarships, and rules on using colleges accounts early.

How To Pay for a Private School Education
While there are many advantages to a private school education, cost is not one of them. Here's an overview of your options for financing pre-college tuition.

Tax Tips for Parents With Kids in Private School
Annual tuition at private K-12 schools can cost as much as a year of college. Here are some tax tips to help lower your cost.

How Much Will a Private College Prep School Cost?
Before you commit to a decade or more of private school for your child, it's wise to get an idea of the real costs.

Is a Private College Prep School Worth the Money?
The very term "College Prep" seems to imply that private schools provide a higher level of education than public schools. This article takes a look at whether or not there is a difference worth paying for.

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