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Guide to Getting Professional Help With College Planning and Expenses

A guide to the various types of professionals that can help you plan and save for college, as well as maximize your financial aid. Includes information on the professional credentials to look for, the typical fees and services provided, as well as common scams.

Five Questions to Ask Your College Account's Investment Advisor
A breakdown of the five most important questions to ask the investment professional who is helping manage your child's college account.

A Guide To Professional Designations in the College Planning Industry
A guide to understanding the most important professional designations in the college planning arena. Takes an in-depth look at whether or not the people claiming to be experts really have what it takes to help you achieve your goals.

Avoiding College Scholarship and Aid Scams
Due to the huge financial cost of putting a child through college, many people get suckered into planning schemes that are too good to be true. Here are ten warning signs to watch out for.

eFinPLAN: Financial Planning Software with a College Planning Module
While there are a lot of great financial calculators available on-line, the true "do-it-yourself" types may want a little more firepower. Check out this review of eFinPLAN, which includes a college planning module.

Find a College Planner - The Financial Planning Association Website
The Financial Planning Association is the largest association of financial planning professionals in the United States. You can use their free "Planner Search" to look for a professional in your area who specializes in Education Planning.

FAFSA Customer Support Information
Before you give up on completing your own FAFSA, try contacting the FAFSA customer service department. There's a great chance that they'll be able to answer your questions and get you moving in the right direction. You can contact them toll-free, by email, or even by live chat.

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