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Florida Loan Forgiveness Program - Student Loan Cancellation for FL Teachers


Program Name:

Critical Teacher Shortage Loan Forgiveness Program

Student Loan Forgiveness Amounts:

This Florida loan forgiveness program for teachers cancels up to $10,000 in student loans for qualifying public K-12 teachers.

The actual award amount each year depends on the funds available for the program and the number of qualified applicants applying for Florida loan forigveness. The average award has been approximately $1,000.

Certain student loans are not eligible for this program:

  • Paul Douglas Teacher Scholarship Program
  • Most Promising Teacher Scholarship Program
  • Florida Scholarship and Forgiveable Loan Program
  • Critical Teacher Scholarship Loan Program
  • Masters' Fellowship Loan Program for Teachers

Eligible Schools:

To be considered an "eligible school" for this Florida loan forgiveness program, a school must receive a minimum of 75% of its operating revenue from government sources.

Eligible Subject Areas:

To be considered for this Florida loan forgiveness program, a 2008-2009 teacher must be certified and teaching in one of the following subjects areas:
  • ESL
  • Foreign Language
  • Reading
  • Industrial Arts
  • Math (middle and high school only)
  • Science (middle and high school only)
  • English (middle and high school only)
  • Special Education

Application Deadlines and Rules for Florida Loan Forgiveness for Teachers:

  • Applications must be submitted between January 1st and July 15th of a teacher's first academic year.

Program Website and Contact Info:

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