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The CA APLE Program - California Teachers Student Loan Forgiveness Program


Program Name:

The APLE Program

The Assumption Program of Loans for Education (APLE)

Student Loan Forgiveness Amounts:

California's APLE program forgives up to $11,000 for four years of teaching. Teaching must be full-time and with no breaks in service.

An additional $8,000 of teacher loan forgiveness is available for the following teachers:

  • An additional $1,000 per year ($4,000 max) for teaching special education, science, and math.
  • An increase from $1,000 to $2,000 per year ($8,000 max) if the school is in the bottom 20% of California's API score.

Eligible Schools:

Must be at a public K-12 school deemed eligible by the California Student Aid Commission.

Eligible schools will include:

  • Schools with high concentration of low-income students.
  • Schools with low API scores (bottom 50%).
  • Schools with the highest levels of emergency credentialed teachers.
  • Rural and Special State schools.

Eligible Subject Areas:

  • Special Education
  • English
  • Foreign Languages
  • Math
  • Science

Application Deadlines and Rules:

  • Applications are submitted through each teacher's university APLE coordinator.
  • Graduating teacher must complete first year of teaching within 24-36 months of graduation.

Program Website and Contact Info:

Website: www.csac.ca.gov

Phone: 888-224-7268

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