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Online Calculators & Quizzes to Help You Plan For College Costs

Links to calculators and quizzes that take the guesswork out of college expenses, savings, and financial aid. All links include an explanation of how to use the calculators, as well as other factors to consider when using them.

Student Loan Consolidation Calculator from the U.S. Department of Education
Easy-to-use student loan consolidation calculator that shows what a student or parent would pay after consolidation student loans.

Financial Aid Calculator - Fafsa4Caster.com for Estimating Your Aid
If you've been curious about your Federal financial aid eligibility, you've got to check out FAFSA4caster.com. This FAFSA calculator is run by the Department of Education and will give you the best aid estimate you can find on the web.

Official Student Loan Repayment Calculator - Income Contingent Plan
Instructions and overview for the official Income Contingent student loan repayment calculator from the Department of Education.

Financial Aid Calculator - Expected Family Contribution
The Expected Family Contribution (EFC) calculator estimates the portion of your income and assets that the Federal Government or a college would expect you to contribute each year.

Financial Aid Calculator - Student Loan Options
This financial aid calculator estimates the different loan and payment options available to you based on your state, school, loan size, and credit rating.

College Costs and Savings Calculator
A great online calculator that shows you what college will cost, what your current savings will be worth, and how much more you'll need to save.

Parent Debt Calculator - How Much Debt Can You Afford To Take On?
Before you commit to student loans, you'll need to make sure you can actually manage the payments. This calculator takes a look at the other debts you owe (car, house, credit cards, etc.) and helps to determine the additional strain a student loan will create.

Section 529: Prepaid Tuition vs. Savings Plan Calculator
Deciding between a Section 529 Prepaid Tuition Plan and a Section 529 Savings Plan can feel overwhelming. This calculator helps you to compare the potential growth of savings put into either plan.

Official Student Loan Calculator - Standard, Extended, and Graduated
Instructions and overview for the official student loan calculator from the Department of Education. Calculates standard, extended, and graduated student loan repayments for Direct and Direct Plus student loans.

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