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Basic Overview of Section 529 College Savings Plans
A basic overview of the popular Section 529 College Savings Plans. Includes a basic look at their history, benefits, and rules.
Section 529 Savings Plans - Eligibility and Contribution Rules for ...
Section 529 savings plans have the most flexible eligibility rules of any college savings vehicle. In essence, anyone can open and contribute to a Section 529 ...
Section 529 Savings Plans - Withdrawal Rules and Treatment of ...
Overview of the withdrawal rules for a Section 529 Savings Plans, as well as the treatment of unused funds.
Withdrawal Rules for Section 529 Plans
More money has flowed into Section 529 accounts in the last few years than into custodial (UGMA / UTMA) accounts over the last decade. Because of that, it ...
Beginner's Guide to Section 529 Savings Plans - Saving for College
Section 529 plans are considered one of the best options for saving for a child's college education. They are called “Section 529plans after the specific IRS ...
Section 529 Savings Plans - Advantages and Disadvantages of 529 ...
A description of the advantages and disadvantages of a Section 529 Savinga plan.
Section 529 Savings Plans - Investment Options and Tax Benefits for ...
An overview of the investment options and tax benefits associated with a Section 529 Savings Plan.
Claiming the Tax Deduction for Funding an Ohio 529 Plan
Ohio residents trying to decide whether to use the Ohio 529 plan or another state's Section 529 plan need to account for the potential tax savings of contributing ...
Section 529 Plans - 529 Plans Provide an Easy Way to Save for ...
Section 529 plans are a relatively new college savings vehicle that can make saving for college even easier.
Choosing the Best Section 529 Plan - Saving for College - About.com
With over sixty Section 529 college plans available to investors, it is important to examine the features that really matter to your financial situation. This article ...
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