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Lifetime Learning Credit for Parents and Students - Saving for College
An overview of the basic rules regarding the Lifetime Learning Tax Credit, which is available for all years of a student's post-secondary education.
American Opportunity Tax Credit - Definition & Overview
The American Opportunity Tax Credit essentially replaces the Hope Scholarship, though the Lifetime Learning credit still remains available to parents and ...
Can I Use the AOTC for Graduate School? - Saving for College
Overview of the American Opportunity Tax Credit and graduate school. ... The Lifetime Learning Credit can still save you up to $2,000 on your tax return. To learn ...
Overview of the Lifetime Learning Tax Credit - Tax Planning: U.S.
Learn about the Lifetime Learning Credit, a federal tax credit for any person who takes college classes. Updated for 2014 and 2015 figures from the IRS.
Overview of the American Opportunity Tax Credit - Tax Planning: U.S.
By contrast, "qualifying expenses" are restricted solely to tuition for tuition and fees deduction or the Lifetime Learning credit. For the American Opportunity credit, ...
Overview of the Tuition and Fees Deduction - Tax Planning: U.S.
You might also be eligible for the Lifetime Learning tax credit or the American Opportunity tax credit. These two tax credits are for post-secondary education.
Education Tax Credits - Tax Planning: U.S. - About.com
The American Opportunity Credit is scheduled to expire at the end of 2012. The Lifetime Learning Credit provides a tax credit of up to $2,000 for any level of ...
Back-to-School Tax Tips - Tax Planning: U.S. - About.com
Aug 9, 2005 ... The Lifetime Learning Credit is possibly the best deal in the tax code, simply because so many people can take advantage of it. You receive a ...
Tax Provisions Expiring at the End of 2013 - Tax Planning: U.S.
Nov 19, 2013 ... For 2014, both the Lifetime Learning Credit and the American Opportunity ... This tax credit is worth 10% of the purchase price of qualified ...
Tax Law (Questions About Taxes): 529 plans, lifetime learning credit ...
Sep 11, 2006 ... lifetime learning credit, eligible expenses, hope or lifetime learning credit: You will get a form from her trustee. As long as you used it for ...
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