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Claiming the Hope Scholarship Tax Credit - Saving for College
An overview of the basic rules regarding the Hope Scholarship Tax Credit, which is available during a student's first two years of college.
American Opportunity Tax Credit - Definition & Overview
The American Opportunity Tax Credit essentially replaces the Hope Scholarship, though the Lifetime Learning credit still remains available to parents and ...
Lifetime Learning Credit for Parents and Students - Saving for College
Unlike the Hope Scholarship, this credit can be claimed for part-time students. It can also ... Cannot be used on tuition that was paid for with a grant, scholarship, ...
Changes to Hope Scholarship - Georgia Scholarships - Atlanta
Find out about the changes to the HOPE scholarship. Read about Governor's Nathan Deal's changes to the HOPE scholarship.
Proposed Changes to HOPE Scholarship - Atlanta - About.com
Find out about the proposed changes to the HOPE scholarship. Read about Governor's Nathan Deal's changes to the HOPE scholarship.
Georgia Hope Scholarship - Atlanta - About.com
Information on Georgia's Hope Scholarship program including GPA requirements and changes to the program.
HOPE Scholarship and Georgia Pre-K Programs - Atlanta - About.com
The Georgia Lottery provides the funding for two major educational programs in Georgia: the HOPE Scholarship and Georgia Pre-K. In March 2011, these ...
Which States Have Lottery Scholarships? - Continuing Education
Here's a list of 52 places: Where Can I Find a Scholarship? ... The program funds several scholarships, including the HOPE Scholarship, HOPE Grant, Zell Miller ...
Changes to Georgia Pre-K - Atlanta - About.com
Changes in the HOPE scholarship have received lots of attention. At the same time, Georgia Governor Nathan Deal has made changes to Georgia's popular ...
2013 Inflation Adjusted Tax Items - Stratagee.com
.04 Hope Scholarship and Lifetime Learning Credits. 25A .05 Earned Income Credit. 32 .06 Exemption Amounts for Alternative Minimum Tax. 55 .07 Standard  ...
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