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Using a Certified College Planning Specialist (CCPS) - Saving for ...
A Certified College Planning Specialist (CCPS) is a credential awarded to individuals who have completed a training course focusing solely on college planning ...
Using a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) for College Planning
A Certified Financial Planner (CFP) is one of the most respected credentials in the college and financial planning industry. This article explores a Certified ...
The Top Ten College Planning Mistakes Made By Parents
A list of the top ten saving, investing, and financial aid mistakes made by parents planning for college.
Professional Designations in the College Planning Industry
A guide to understanding the most important professional designations in the college planning arena. Takes an in-depth look at whether or not the people ...
Guide to Getting Professional Help With College Planning and ...
A guide to the various types of professionals that can help you plan and save for college, as well as maximize your financial aid. Includes information on the ...
College Planning Mistake #6: Underestimating the Effects of Inflation
Until you understand how fast college costs are spiraling out of control, it is tough to do an adequate job of planning for college. While the broad “cost of living” ...
College Planning Mistake #7: Not Using Student Loans
A list of the top ten saving, investing, and financial aid mistakes made by parents planning for college.
Using a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) for College Planning
A Guide To Professional Designations in the College Planning Industry ... investment advice, they are invaluable in maximizing your college related tax benefits.
College Planning Mistake #2: Using Your Retirement Funds to Pay ...
The second most traumatic college planning mistake many parents make, is using their existing retirement funds to pay for college. In other words, many parents ...
A College Planning Timeline - It Pays to Plan Ahead!
Planning for college may seem overwhelming for many families. Every family is different and each student has different priorities. Use this list as a guide to set ...
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